The Wellness Clinic on Lake Garda

The Wellness Clinic center wants to act as a point of reference on the lake both for the resident but also for the tourist who has chosen to stay in our splendid areas to  approach natural methods and products in body care with the continuous research of wellness professionals who, like me, believe it is important to keep as healthy as possible.

We live in an era where life gets longer and it is our job to make it meaningful and worth living. A physically and mentally active life is one of the most important needs of our society.

In the modern world we tend to neglect personal biorhythms and not find a balance between the phases of activity and rest. The consequence is that this imbalance can lead to different types of disorders, therefore with holistic treatments, we focus on finding a state of balance at all levels.

My name is Francesca Monese, I was born in 1976 in Bolzano. In 1995 I graduated as a nurse and have been dedicated to helping people ever since.

I traveled all over Italy and I saw that one thing unites us all.

We are all in constant search of health and serenity!

For personal knowledge I have always approached the use of natural methods to be able to feel better such as the use of essential oils, herbs or natural therapies. With this I do not deny traditional medicine but I want to integrate it with Ayurvedic medicine where the aim is to help sick people to heal themselves but above all healthy people to stay healthy and prevent diseases.

After many years in healthcare, I decided to completely change my focus: before it was to cure people, now I want to help them maintain their well-being as much as possible by helping with the natural methods that nature makes available to us.

Our services

Salt cave

The salt room is a place where you can sit for adjuvants in the treatment of pathologies affecting the respiratory tract or to improve the skin if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis. The room is a place with attention to detail, welcoming and versatile, able to offer everyone an experience of true relaxation. You will find chairs or cots  and in the presence of  relaxing background music where adults and children can relax all surrounded by chromotherapy. A play area has been set up for the little ones where they can play like at the sea and with all the benefits of salt. The salt on the ground suggests the game of decanting to the little ones, a fundamental experience in early childhood.

Sessions can be group or individual, and in order to better organize your stay in the centre, we ask you to book. The effectiveness of the session is guaranteed by the structural elements of the beach, by the study of the environment, by the materials installed and by the Halogenerator (Halomed CE certified) which crushes the salt into microparticles, dispersing it in the environment.

The small size of the salt particles allow them to be inhaled during breathing and deposited on the skin. Halotreatment strengthens the immune system, has mucolytic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Think that 30 minutes of sitting are equivalent to 3 days at the beach.

Salt caves help cleanse the body of all the pollutants in the air we breathe, and is an aid to restoring health and strengthening the immune system. Pollution, in fact, makes the mucous membranes of the lungs and respiratory tract weaker, accentuating the production of bacterial-infected mucus that can chronicise certain problems over time. Children in particular are more susceptible to respiratory problems for several reasons:
  • their airways are still weak and not fully developed, so they are the first to feel the negative effects of environmental pollution;
  • by attending kindergartens and schools, they are more prone to catching all the seasonal ills;
  • they need to improve and strengthen their immune system;
  • because of their height, they breathe air closer to the ground, which is more polluted;
  • they have a higher respiratory rate than adults and, consequently, breathe in more air and more polluting particles.
In the past, halotherapy was practised inside natural salt caves or grottos (speleotherapy). As early as the Middle Ages, monks took patients into salt caves to breathe in salt particles generated by breaking stalactites. In 1843, Polish scientist Dr. Felix Boczkowski hypothesised and then first devised the healing therapy of Halotherapy, after noticing that workers in salt mines generally enjoyed a better state of health than those who worked in other types of mines or did other work. For the past 20 years, Prof. Alina V. Chervinskaya and her collaborators from the Institute of Respiratory Hygiene and Halotherapye (scientific medical institutions in Russia, Lithuania and Poland) have published more than 250 scientific studies and articles dedicated to the method of Controlled Halotherapy with Aeromed®-Halogenators and their health benefits. Halotherapy is currently recognised as a medical treatment in some Eastern European countries and in Russia. In EU countries – including Italy – it is considered a wellness treatment while trials are underway to scientifically ascertain its health benefits. There are two halotherapy trials conducted directly by Italian hospitals – at the Policlinico di Bari, a ‘Salt Clinic’ has been opened at the Otorhinolaryngology Clinic dedicated in particular to paediatric disorders such as adenoids and tonsils; however, a complete study protocol is planned for respiratory and skin diseases. – At the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, the study protocol focuses on dermatological diseases.

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It is a treatment that involves exposing the entire body to a cloud of nitrogen inside a cylinder-like cabin, called a cryochamber, equipped with an upper opening from where the head emerges, where the nitrogen is vaporized at temperatures below -100°C for about 3 minutes. For this reason it is also called systemic cryotherapy.

The cold creates a vasoconstriction of the extremities of the body with an increase in the flow to the heart where it is enriched with oxygen and nutrients. At the end of the session, the restoration of body temperature causes vasodilation.

In the following 3-6 hours, this favors an “enriched” blood flow from the heart to the extremities capable of:

  • Replenish oxygen and energy substrates
  • Quickly remove toxic metabolites such as lactic acid
  • Often used in rehabilitation and aesthetic medicine

The benefits of the cryosauna are many. Exposure of the whole body in the cryosauna has proven to have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing effects, and is also excellent for those who want to speed up muscle recovery, reduce stress and rebalance sleep activity. It also has an anti-aging effect, improves skin tone, is able to reduce cellulite, helps increase weight loss, accelerates metabolism.

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The term Āyurveda in Sanskrit is made up of two words that can be translated as ‘knowledge of longevity’ or the science of life. Ayurveda, also called Ayurvedic medicine is the traditional system of Indian medicine and is considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing science. 
Ayurvedic science originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is often called the ‘Mother of all Healings’.
The principles of many of the natural healing systems now familiar in the West have their roots in Ayurveda, including homeopathy. In Europe, the first Ayurvedic clinic was established in Switzerland in 1987 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and in 2015, the Swiss government introduced a federally recognised diploma in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda places great emphasis on prevention and encourages the maintenance of health through a focus on balance in one’s life, right thinking, diet, lifestyle and the use of herbs. Knowledge of Ayurveda allows one to understand how to create this balance between body, mind and consciousness according to one’s individual constitution and how to make lifestyle changes to achieve and maintain this balance.

Many factors, both internal and external, act on us to disturb this balance and are reflected as a change in one’s constitution from the balanced state. Examples of these emotional and physical stresses include one’s emotional state, diet and food choices, seasons and climate, physical trauma, work and family relationships. Once these factors are understood, appropriate actions can be taken to undo or minimise their effects or eliminate the causes of imbalance and restore one’s original constitution. Balance is natural order; imbalance is disorder. Health is order; disease is disorder. Within the body, there is a constant interplay between order and disorder.

Sound massage with Tibetan bells

Tibetan bells are inherited from Mongolia and Tibet, they belong to sound in its most primordial form or that of vibration.

They are forged with an alloy of seven materials which are equivalent to the seven chakras and the seven planets. According to oriental medicine, the human body is crossed by energy vibrations and waves, which place man in harmony, synchrony and symphony with the environment; therefore, faced with a disturbance of any kind, the energy flowing in our body loses its uniformity, thus creating distorted frequencies, accumulations and energy blocks.

Tibetan bells are used to give a new well-being, thanks to the variety of their harmonic sounds, the duration and purity of the sound emitted. Their sonority, religious and ritual, represents a powerful tool for entering into relationship with the dynamic energies present in nature, and one of the most effective supports for meditation. The Sound Massage with Tibetan Bells creates a deep meditative state which intervenes directly on the energy points (chakras) and on the brain waves allowing a re-balancing of the vital rhythms, harmonizing and energizing the Bio-Energetic system.

The sound massage is indicated:

  • To lower stress levels
  • Create deep meditative states
  • Improve the perception of your body

Foot reflexology, facial, metamorphic massage

Foot reflexology is a massage technique based on the principle that considers the soles of our feet as a map on which our internal organs and systems are reflected. Massage involves the stimulation and pressure of specific points, corresponding to the organ or body part to be treated: in this way it is possible to re-harmonise the entire organism, relieve tension, improve blood circulation, reduce stress and improve the condition of many organic pathologies. Pressure and manipulation of the foot can also reveal tensions or painful areas, thus revealing an internal imbalance. Foot reflexology acts on both a physical and emotional level, improving states of anxiety and symptoms of psychosomatic disorders.

Facial reflexology follows the same principles as foot reflexology: it is based on the idea that the face reflects the health and well-being of the entire body. Exactly as on the foot, the various points on the face represent a map of the internal organs and, by stimulating specific areas with massages or touches, it is possible to improve the state of health and general wellbeing, encourage lymphatic drainage, relieve tension and stress, and restore balance to the entire organism.

Metamorphic massage, on the other hand, is a technique derived from the theory of reflexology and is a powerful tool for developing one’s personality and unblocking knots that act at an unconscious level. The reflex point of the spinal column on the foot contains the memory of the prenatal period, therefore all the physical, mental and spiritual aspects that contribute to the creation of the whole individual. The gentle touch of this area can redirect the life force and energy inherent in every human being and regenerate and release tensions and difficulties arising from the gestation period. This treatment is suitable for anyone who feels unconscious blocks that negatively affect their daily life and do not allow them to regain their identity. It is also of great help in overcoming difficult or particularly intense moments in life or phases of transition.

Our products


The story of Vitalis Dr. Joseph begins almost 50 years ago. After a sports injury, young Joseph set out to find an effective natural remedy. Following his intuition he not only managed to heal, but he wrote a success story. From a personal need in 1986 a company was born that is dedicated to the creation of wellness products of the highest level.


Family business that since 1912 produces essential oils and natural products based on herbs, bio and high quality. At the time, Johann Niederkofler senior began distilling needles of pine, mountain pine and stone pine in the woods of Issenigo to then resell the essential oil as a natural remedy and then use at home. Today, after four generations, the family continues to manage the company with the same passion.

Lavanda del Lago

The company was born in the Brescia area, near Lake Garda in 2009 from the experience of the brothers Marco and Domenico LoPresti who, thanks to an agricultural and horticultural background, began their career in 1995 designing important gardens and parks. They take care of everything, from the cultivation of lavender to the finished product. The organic products are completely processed in the company headquarters in Bedizzole (Bs).

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