Salt cave - frequently asked questions

• What kind of salt is used in the grotto?
The salt on the walls and floor is food-grade salt, also for the safety of your children, while the salt in the aerosol machine is 99% pure medical salt.

• What are the values inside a salt cave?
The microclimate in the grotto is constant with an air temperature of 21-25 °C and a humidity of between 30 and 50%.

• What are the contraindications?
Entry is prohibited for those allergic to iodine and in cases of hyperthyroidism. If you are undergoing radio- or chemotherapy treatment as well as severe renal insufficiency, a consultation with your attending physician is required.

• What can I expect to hear?
During the session you may start to feel a slight tickle in the throat or a release of pressure in the sinuses, causing a runny nose. This is the salt doing its job. As salt makes its way into the sinuses and airways, it works as an anti-inflammatory agent, allowing the airways to open up and mucus to be expelled. Coughing and runny nose may be present during the session or immediately after as well as start to occur in the following hours as the airways continue to expand, allowing the body to rid itself of bacteria, allergens and mucus

• How many sessions are needed?
Halotherapy offers the best results if practised regularly. The benefits are cumulative, so consistency and frequency are key. People with chronic problems will benefit greatly if they have a session twice a week. Those who are trying to incorporate salt therapy into their regular wellness routine would benefit from one session every 15 days

• What do I do during the salt session?
I ask you to remove your shoes and put your personal belongings including your mobile phone in a locker. You will then be taken to the salt room where there will be relaxing music and colour therapy. I urge you to find a position that is comfortable for you and breathe slowly and deeply. Most people read, rest or meditate during a session.

• Can I do the grotto if I suffer from hypothyroidism?
The iodine in the grotto stimulates the production of thyroid hormones that are deficient in those suffering from this condition.

• From what age can children enter?
The youngest can enter from the first days of life; there are no age limits as it is a natural sea concentrate.

• Do I have to accompany my child?
Yes, children up to the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult in the room, after this age the parent can be present in the facility if he or she wishes, but is not obliged to enter.

• What will my child do during the treatment?
Parents accompanied by children are booked in at different times from the rest of the adults in order to give the little ones the opportunity to give vent to their initiatives in peace. Among the salt grains, children can play with their shovel and bucket while listening to music. Since you enter the cave barefoot, we recommend white socks for them and for adults.

• In case of fever, can I do the session?
No in case of fever symptoms it is better not to do the treatment

• Is there a possibility of germ exchange inside the cave?
Salt is a natural antibacterial agent, the temperature and above all the controlled humidity ensures that no harmful microorganisms (germs and bacteria) are formed inside the Salt Grotto. In addition, at the end of each session, air is recirculated through fans located inside the grotto itself.